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    Common circuit breaker brands around the world

    10 Common Circuit Breaker Brands in 2022

    Circuit breakers play a critical role in electrical systems, protecting your home and equipment from electrical hazards.

    At its core, a circuit breaker is a type of electrical switch. This type of switch is designed to automatically restrict the flow of electrical current to protect an electrical circuit from damage. Most often, circuit breakers protect equipment during a sudden surge of current resulting from a circuit overload or a short circuit.

    When the circuit breaker detects the fault, it automatically interrupts the flow of electricity, protecting the circuit. As a result, circuit breakers prevent electrical hazards and costly damages. 

    Contrary to popular belief, the brand of the circuit breaker does matter. Unfortunately, many manufacturers produce circuit breakers, making it essential to know which brands provide the best equipment and buy accordingly.

    This article will examine the best circuit breaker brands and why they’re on the top. 


    Brands Matter In A Circuit Breaker

    Choosing a circuit breaker involves numerous factors, but one of the most important considerations is selecting a reputable and reliable brand.

    A breaker’s quality is often directly tied to the manufacturer. It is crucial not to cut corners or compromise quality, as circuit breakers play an essential role in an electrical system. If the circuit breaker stops working, it can be hard to diagnose until it’s too late.  

    Second, one shouldn’t place miscellaneous brand circuit breakers into a different brand’s circuit breaker panel. Although some circuit breakers are interchangeable and can be used in various panels, most are not and should only be used with their corresponding brand’s panel. 

    As such, you should use a brand’s circuit breakers in the same brand’s panel with very few exceptions. 


    10 Common Circuit Breaker Brands in 2022

    Several circuit breaker brands are available in 2022, with many manufacturers marketing new models. While some have been around for many years, many are relatively new, albeit with minor modifications and differences. In addition, different brands are often common in some areas of the world and not so heavily used in others. 

    Here are the top ten circuit breaker brands around the world in 2022:

    ABB Limited

    Since its 1883 origins in Zurich, Switzerland, ABB Limited has manufactured and marketed various power and automation technologies. Their headquarters are located in Oerlikon, which sits on the outskirts of Zurich.

    They offer motors, robotics, generators, drives, wind converters, systems and components for railways and related fields, and digital services for application in industries, utilities, and transportation and infrastructure. 

    Cutler-Hammer (Eaton)

    Cutler-Hammer, now part of Eaton, originated in Chicago in 1892. It is a well-known manufacturer of circuit breakers, providing some of the most innovative technologies on the market today, such as the fireguard circuit breakers. 

    In 1978, the company became part of Eaton Corporation, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Eaton Corporation’s headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland. 

    Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.

    Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. was established in 1985. It currently operates as a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, with headquarters in Warrendale, Pennsylvania. 

    Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and supplies various electrical and electronic products, services, and systems to several industries across North America. In addition, it provides multiple power circuit breakers, such as general-purpose, definite purpose, and synchronous switching circuit breakers.  


    General Electric

    General Electric Company was founded in 1892 and now operates based out of its Boston, Massachusetts headquarters. It offers its services worldwide as a digital industrial company. 

    The company operates through power, oil and gas, healthcare, aviation, lighting, renewable energy, transportation, and capital markets. Its power segment provides technologies, services, and solutions related to numerous types of energy production, such as steam and gas turbines, high voltage equipment and power generation services, engines, generators, and digital solutions. 

    Alstom SA

    Alstom SA found its origins in 1928, now basing its headquarters out of Saint-Ouen, France. It develops market systems, services, and equipment for the transportation sector across numerous continents. It offers multiple types of trains, metros, tramways, and signaling products. 

    The company is installing and designing solutions surrounding track laying and electrifying power supply to lines. It also offers maintenance, modernization, support service, and parts and repair to various urban and main-line rail systems. 


    The ITE Circuit Breaker Company was initially founded in the 1890s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Until Siemens Energy and Automation Inc. acquired the company in 1983, ITE sold its products as ITE circuit breakers. 

    Today, Siemens sells all ITE and Siemens circuit breakers under the same Siemens umbrella. However, Gould didn’t purchase ITE’s medium voltage breaker division in 1976, so it became a separate standalone company known as ITE Imperial. Eventually, Brown-Boveri purchased the standalone company, which ultimately merged with ASEA, thus forming ABB. 

    Siemens AG

    Siemens AG was founded in 1947 and now operates out of its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Preceding its name change to Siemens Corporation in 1970, it was known as Siemens America Inc. Today, it operates as an industrial conglomerate in various fields, including power and gas, wind and renewables, energy management, power generation, digital factories, building technologies, mobility, etc. 

    The company provides maintenance, replacements, repairs, factory/field support, and modernization and upgrade services. Additionally, it offers high and medium-voltage switchgear devices, transformers, energy automation products, low-voltage power distribution products, and innovative grid products. 

    Camsco Electric Co, Ltd

    Camsco Electric Co. Ltd was established in 1979 and now operates out of its headquarters in Taiwan. It manufactures and exports professional electrical system components and electrical parts. The company set up two factories in Wenzhou and Zhangzhou, China, and one branch office in Wenzhou in 1990. 

    The company engages in one-step precision molding, providing its customers comprehensive services and products, such as auto lighters, circuit breakers, sirens, buzzers, current coils, footswitches, and hoist push-button switches. 

    Schneider Electric SE

    Schneider Electric SE was established in 1836. Its headquarters is in Rueil-Malmaison, France, which reigns over four businesses: low voltage, medium voltage, secure power, and industrial automation. 

    The low voltage sector offers low voltage power and builds automation products and solutions that meet the numerous needs of varying businesses. The medium voltage sector provides medium voltage distribution and grid automation solutions. The secure power sector provides secure power services, and the industrial automation sector offers control and automation solutions. 

    G&W Electric Co.

    Established in 1905, G&W Electric Co. designs, manufactures, and supplies various types of electric power equipment. Its headquarters are located in Bolingbrook, Illinois. They provide overhead and underground distribution switches, pre-engineered automation solutions, reclosers, current limiters, distribution and transmission cable accessories, and junction bars. 

    Additionally, they offer consultation and field services to troubleshoot issues with the system or product installation. They offer their services to a broad spectrum, including municipalities, commercial and industrial engineers, college and university facility management, and government and military agencies via sales representatives around the globe. 


    Which Brand Is Best For Your Needs?

    The brand that will best suit your needs depends on many critical factors. Since each brand has its strengths and advantages, the ideal brand will depend on the particular project. In addition, you’ll need to account for your budget, space, and unique needs to determine the brand of equipment you should choose. 

    Another factor to consider is regional availability. Some brands are easier to purchase in certain parts of the world due to distribution networks and retail agreements. For example, if you’re in the United States, you’re probably familiar with brands like GE, Schneider/Square D, ITE/Siemens, Eaton/Cutler-Hammer. However, you’re more likely to see ABB and Mitsubishi being used in other parts of the world. 

    For the most part, you will need to choose the brands that offer the things you need for your project and have distribution networks available to meet your project’s deadlines. 

    For example, you may not necessarily need feature-rich, costly equipment in a residential setting. Instead, a simple electrical panel with standard breakers is all that is required. In this case, the solid, cost-effective GE or Cutler-Hammer line would likely suit residential needs. 

    On the other hand, a more complex solution might be required for an advanced industrial project that requires a vast array of distribution and control components that will work effectively together. In this scenario, ABB might be the better option. 


    Circuit breakers play a vital role in electrical systems of all shapes and sizes. When finding the best circuit breaker brand to suit your individual needs, you need to address the situation you’re working with, factor in your budget and understand the brand’s specialties. 

    Fortunately, with the vast amount of product availability, there is undoubtedly something to meet the needs of every situation. So, if you need help selecting the best circuit breaker brand for your project, contact our team at Bay Power today!