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    Solar-Ready Solutions

    Solar-Ready Solutions In Stock at Bay Power

    Are you a solar contractor looking for a reliable source for solar-ready panels, main panel upgrades, load centers, disconnects, main breakers, and other parts? We are a GE Authorized Industrial Solutions Distributor and provide complete solar-ready solutions, quickly - we have all the components sitting on our shelves, ready to assemble and ship. Avoid the long wait times that are currently plaguing the industry! Give us a call today! 

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    Bay Power Saves Money and Energy for Oil and Gas Customers

    Electrical issues in the oil and gas industry can crop up in a variety of ways. One major concern for many companies is that old technology combined with inefficient motors that have no speed control often results in a lot of wasted energy leading to high energy costs. Since these operations are usually at the end of the electrical line, they commonly experience issues with “dirty power”: voltage variations, frequency variations, and insufficient voltage. These drops or surges in power can result in sine wave distortions or power disruptions that drive up costs and reduce system capacity.

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    Throwaway Motors: Assessing the Costs of Repair Vs. Replacement

    Do you have a strategy for dealing with electric motor failure? If not, you could be losing thousands of dollars in ineffective solutions, downtime, and employee hours. At some companies, the strategy is a simple breakpoint: anything below 50 or 75 HP gets replaced, and anything above that gets repaired. These smaller motors are often referred to as throwaway motors.

    But is there really such a thing as a throwaway motor? Is it always more cost effective to replace a smaller motor rather than repairing it?

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    What Makes Our Combination Motor Starter Panel Special?

    At Bay Power, we know the value of your time and money. And we know how important it is to conserve as much of both as you possibly can.

    That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Combination Motor Starter Panel. It’s our revolutionary, surprisingly versatile starter that will replace a wide variety of motor control panels. With this one part, you can replace many different starters and save both time and money on your project.

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    How AC Drives Can Boost Your Business

    Are you looking for ways to expand your product and service offerings and help your customers achieve higher productivity and lower costs for electric motor control? If you are an electrical contractor or maintenance professional, you are probably familiar with variable frequency drives (VFDs) - also known as variable speed drives, VSDs, or inverters.

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    How Electrical Distributors Can Leverage Bay Power to Find the Right Solution

    For over twenty-five years, Bay Power has worked with electrical distributors to solve challenging problems and find the parts they need fast. During that time, we’ve built strong relationships with suppliers who work with us to find and deliver the right parts to our customers, even when you’re on a tight schedule. Partnering with Bay Power gives electrical distributors the advantage of working with industry experts to solve even the toughest challenges for customers.

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    How Bay Power Saves Time and Money for Water and Irrigation Clients

    They say water and electricity don’t mix, but at Bay Power we’ve developed electrical solutions for hundreds of water-based systems in the Bay area. We’ve worked with hospitals, wastewater facilities, dairy farms, irrigation companies, glass plants, and many other customers who use water on the job.

    Our goal is to solve customer problems, not just to sell parts, and that means we can often reduce lead time, save money, and custom-fit the solution to your unique needs or environment. Whether you’re a contractor looking to build a solution for your customer or an end-user with a tricky situation in your plant, we’ll help you get the job done right.

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