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    Circuit Breakers

    Zinsco Breakers Over the Years

    Zinsco Breakers New and Used

    Zinsco was one of the early names in the circuit breaker industry. The demand for old, refurbished, and old but never used Zinsco products and parts was evident immediately following the death of the brand. Read about the history of the brand and the Zinsco replacement options available on the market today. 

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    How to Choose Circuit Breaker Sizes for Any Application

    Identifying the right breaker for your electrical project is not only critical to your success but also prevents safety hazards and damage in the event of an overload. To choose the right one, you need to know the specifications and requirements unique to that application.

    Not sure where to start? Having a basic knowledge of circuit breaker sizes and categories will help you sort through your options.

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    Circuit Breaker Troubleshooting 101

    Tripped breaker? It happens. The question is: what do you do now? If you can’t get it back online, you’ll be stuck waiting for a repair or replacement.

    At Bay Power, our technicians are troubleshooting experts, and we’ll help you diagnose your breaker problem fast so you can get up and running again pronto.

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