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    Powersmiths Transformers

    Powersmiths Transformers

    Powersmiths is the pioneer and industry leader in delivering Lowest Life Cycle Cost. Powersmiths offers a range of products, including E-Saver OPAL transformers that can be ordered from Bay Power.  E-saver transformers exceed DOE 2016 minimum requirements and deliver Lowest Life Cycle Cost performance. Transformers are provided with a 32-Year Performance Guarantee. Each transformer on the project is provided with an ISO-17025 Certified Efficiency Test Lab Report to validate No Load Losses do not exceed very low published values. Additional Sound Test provided to validate a minimum 3 dB less than ST-20 Standards.   


    Powersmiths Transformers significantly reduce operating losses in existing building’s by as much as 90%

    Many existing buildings have incorrectly sized transformers for modern load application. Upgrading to Powersmiths transformers can substantially reduce transformer operating losses. Since existing transformers are typically light loaded there is an opportunity to right-size the replacement transformer. Additionally, if the building has a solar energy system, significantly reduced transformer losses result in increased Utilization of PV delivery 

    Numerous Case Studies validate operating loss reduction for pre-TP-1 transformers (installed prior to 2005) to be as high as 90%. When replacing TP-1 transformers (installed 2005 to 2015) – operating losses reduced by as much as 70%.  Model selection OPAL Series 80-R and 81-R.

    This massive reduction means a smaller carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and a means to achieve net zero energy objectives. Read the entire case study here for more details. 


    About the E-Saver OPAL Series: 

    Powersmiths’ Opal Series Transformers are specifically designed to maximize Energy Savings at various loading levels.   A balance of Core design (low loading) vs. Coil design (high loading).  OPAL is an acronym for “Optimized Performance for the Application Loading”. The OPAL series consists of several ultra-efficient dry-type isolation transformers. This family of transformers is optimized for varying application load profiles to maximize energy savings and promote electrical system compatibility.  By exceeding DOE 2016 minimum requirements, E-Saver transformers provide positive contribution to LEED, Net Zero Energy objectives,  and High Performing building design. 



    Here are the transformer models that fall under the OPAL Model Selection:

    E-Saver 33-L (K-7, 130-degree temperature rise) Energy Optimized for typical low loading- Office, Medical, Educational, etc.

    E-Saver 20-M (K-9, 115- degree temperature rise) Energy Optimized for loads the shift significantly during normal operation. Or if final loading is unknown.

    E-Saver 25-H (K-13, 105-degree temperature rise) Energy Optimized for continuous high loading)  Data Center, IDF/ MDF/ UPS, etc.

    E-Saver EV (K-13, 105-degree temperature rise) Specifically designed for Electrical Vehicle Charger application.  Since EV Charger transformers are typically dedicated, 23-kVA sizes allow for matching the kVA size to the EV Charger full load. Moving to 139/240V secondary delivers 15% faster charging time. OPAL EV are optimized specifically for feeding Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charge applications. 

    E-Saver SOL (K-13, 105-degree temperature rise) Optimized specifically for PV applications.

    The OPAL SOL operates to maximize utilization of energy generated by solar PV. This is achieved by reducing typical energy waste that occurs when solar energy flows from the inverter to the building’s electrical system – an even more compelling benefit for Net Zero, LEED & High-Performance Building design.6

    Note: The high K-factor rating is not the goal of the design, but a consequence of the lower current densities used to achieve the high loading efficiency goals to deliver Lowest Life-Cycle Cost operation.


    • K-ratings: Given that most connected loads are electronic and feature nonlinear profiles, low-voltage isolation transformers need to be K-rated. Transformers within this series are appropriately K-rated. 
    • Carbon footprint reduction: These transformers exceed the DOE 2016 baseline efficiency, in turn contributing to LEED, Net Zero, green building, and carbon footprint reduction goals. 
    • Numerous certifications: The company has several certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, UL, and CSA. 
    • Optimized for application loads: Transformers for new construction in this series deliver up to 50% lower No load Losses alone. 
    • Transformers feature a lockable hinged door service option. Additional options include integrated Rotatable IR Port (full viewing on internal components via a 360-degree Rotatable IR Port.  Factory integrated Metering and Integrated Input and/or Output breakers. 


    Technical specifications for transformers in the E-SAVER series include:

    • Built to NEMA ST-20 and other applicable standards (ANSI, IEEE, etc.)
    • UL Listed and CSA approved
    • OSHPD and IBC Seismic Certified 
    • Standard in Type 2 ventilated drip-proof indoor enclosure
    • Front-accessible primary and secondary terminals and voltage taps
    • 220-degree Celsius class insulation system, NOMEX-based, featuring an epoxy co-polymer impregnate
    • UL listed for a 2” rear clearance
    • 3dB quieter than NEMA standard values, 6dB quieter than K13+ allowance
    • Very detailed Technical Data Sheets available for all Models – 23-kVA sizes


    Powersmiths Transformers Audible Noise

    Despite lenient noise compliance requirements in the industry, Powersmiths prioritizes noise mitigation. The company utilizes various noise mitigation techniques, bringing noise levels substantially below the industry standard. Although noise levels vary based on the model and size, they remain between 6 to 10-dB less than NEMA ST-20 requirements. 

    To accomplish this, these transformers utilize several techniques, including the following:

    • Flux density: These transformers run at 14kG or lower, which translates to lower magnetostriction than systems (15.5 to 16.5kG) often utilized by other manufacturers. 
    • Transformer core: In all Powersmiths transformers, the core consists of super domain refined core steel, which boasts low losses and magnetostriction, resulting in less vibration. 
    • Core topologies: The company integrates appropriate kVA sizing based on core topology for each transformer, which helps mitigate noise levels. 
    • Framing and attachment: These transformers utilize a specific framing that minimizes vibrations from the core to the case, effectively reducing noise levels. In addition, the system uses absorption pads positioned between the transformer frame and case, further reducing vibration transmission. 


    Download the following documents to get more information:

    Cut Sheet OPAL EV Series

    Cut Sheet E-Saver SOL OPAL Series

    Cut Sheet E-Saver OPAL for New Construction

    Cut Sheet E-Saver OPAL R for Exisitng Building Upgrades

    500-kVA Final Pre-Post Measurement & Validation Report 


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