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    Save Money - Buy a Reconditioned Breaker

    reconditioned breakerWe get it. Circuit breakers are expensive. But without them, you’re up a creek without a paddle. So what can a savvy electrician do to keep the power on without going broke?

    Two words: reconditioned breakers.

    What is a Reconditioned Breaker?

    Reconditioned breakers are used breakers that have been disassembled, cleaned, assessed, reassembled, inspected, and tested. In other words, they work like new. When reconditioned correctly, the breaker will operate at peak capacity according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Many come with warranties that meet or exceed those offered on new breakers.

    What does that mean for you? All benefit, no risk.

    Why Buy a Reconditioned Breaker?

    Not convinced? Here are four reasons to consider a reconditioned breaker:

    • They offer outstanding safety, warranties, and testing—Every reconditioned breaker will be carefully inspected and tested before being sold. Reputable reconditioning companies offer warranties that match or exceed those offered with new equipment.
    • They can save you money—Reconditioned breakers cost less than new circuit breakers. That’s especially compelling if you need a large breaker that may set you back thousands of dollars.
    • They help you go green—Reconditioned breakers reduce your impact on the environment. And if you need to get rid of an old breaker, you can often sell it to the reconditioning company so that it can be reused rather than discarded.
    • They can replace an obsolete breaker—If the breaker you need is obsolete, purchasing a reconditioned replacement is much more cost effective than installing a whole new panel.

    What’s the Catch?

    No catch; just a caveat.

    • Always buy from a reputable reconditioning company. Do your due diligence and take caution when buying a reconditioned breaker online.
    • If the technology is obsolete, you should be sure it will still meet your current needs for safety or load. And it can be expensive to keep reconditioning old breakers.

    Ready to buy? Give us a call at 866-629-2461! We’ll answer all your questions and help you find the right circuit breaker for your application.

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