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    GE Spectra Breakers Replaced by ABB Tmax XT Breakers

    The Transition from GE Spectra Breakers to ABB Tmax XT Breakers

    In the world of electrical engineering, the evolution of circuit breakers marks significant milestones in safety, efficiency, and technological advancement. A recent pivotal moment in this journey is the acquisition by ABB of GE Industrial Solutions (GEIS), GE’s global electrification solutions business. This move not only signifies the conclusion of the era of GE Spectra™ RMS series breakers but also heralds the introduction of ABB's Tmax® XT breakers as their successor. This transition reflects the dynamic nature of the industry, promising enhanced performance and innovation for electrical systems worldwide.


    The End of an Era: GE Spectra RMS Series

    For decades, the GE Spectra™ RMS series has been a symbol of reliability and quality in the realm of circuit protection. These breakers, renowned for their robust construction and precise tripping mechanisms, have safeguarded countless industrial and commercial installations against electrical faults and overloads. Their enduring legacy has earned them the trust of engineers and electricians alike, making them integral to electrical distribution systems globally.

    However, as industries evolve and technologies progress, the need for advancements becomes imperative. With ABB's acquisition of GE's electrical distribution business, the time has come for the venerable GE Spectra™ series to make way for newer innovations.

    Luckily, ABB is making the transition easier with retrofit kits for various Spectra™ series panelboards. ABB Tmax® XT Retrofit Kits allow you to combine your existing Spectra™ plug–in and bolt-on modules with the latest in circuit breaker technology. These retrofit kits can be installed fast, helping minimize costly downtime.


    Tmax® XT Retrofit Kit for Spectra™ Plug-In Panelboards & Switchboards  Tmax® XT Retrofit Kit for Spectra™ Bolt-on Panelboards & Switchboards


    Introducing ABB Tmax XT Breakers: Innovation for Tomorrow

    As ABB takes the reins of GE's electrical distribution business, the Tmax® XT series emerges as the natural successor to the GE Spectra RMS lineage. Engineered with the latest advancements in circuit protection technology, the Tmax® XT breakers offer a host of features and capabilities tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern electrical systems.

    The Tmax® XT series boasts enhanced performance and reliability, leveraging ABB's extensive experience in power distribution. These breakers deliver superior protection against overloads, short circuits, and other electrical faults. Equipped with advanced trip units and fault detection algorithms, they provide precise and dependable tripping characteristics, ensuring the safety and integrity of critical electrical infrastructure.

    Moreover, the Tmax® XT breakers are designed for maximum flexibility and compatibility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and environments. Whether deployed in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, or utility substations, these breakers excel in delivering optimal performance and efficiency, thereby enhancing the resilience and uptime of electrical systems.


    Embracing Progress: ABB's Vision for Electrical Distribution

    As ABB integrates GE's electrical distribution business, it reaffirms its commitment to driving innovation and progress in the field of electrical engineering. By combining the best practices and technologies from both organizations, ABB aims to create synergies that propel the industry forward and address the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

    The transition from the GE Spectra™ RMS series to the ABB Tmax® XT breakers symbolizes more than just a change in product offerings; it represents a shift towards a future where electrical systems are smarter, more efficient, and more resilient than ever before. With ABB at the helm, this future is not only within reach but poised to exceed expectations.

    The discontinuation of the GE Spectra™ RMS series and the introduction of the ABB Tmax® XT breakers mark a significant milestone in the evolution of circuit protection technologies. As ABB assumes leadership in the realm of electrical distribution, it brings with it a legacy of innovation, quality, and reliability that will shape the future of the industry for years to come. With the Tmax XT series, ABB reaffirms its commitment to delivering best-in-class solutions that empower customers to build safer, more efficient electrical systems for a sustainable tomorrow.


    Bay Power Stocks New Tmax XT Breakers And Reconditioned Spectra Breakers

    No matter if you plan to transition over to the Tmax® XT breakers, or go with reconditioned GE Spectra™ RMS series breakers, Bay Power can get you what you need. We carry Tmax® XT breakers on the shelf and can help you determine which replacement options will work best for your project. 

    You can also find various reconditioned Spectra™ breakers in our online catalog, some of which can be ordered directly online. However, most Spectra™ breakers will require a manual stock check due to limited availability. Send us a note and let us know which one you’re looking for. We can help you find a suitable replacement.