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    BPSC Motor & Pump Control Panel

    Pump Control Panels

    Manufacturer: Control Panels
    UL 508A Approved 240V & 480V Combination Motor Starter Panels - 1/2 HP to 20HP - N4/12 ABB Breaker Disco ELO CPT HOA.
    1 to 3 days Lead Time to Build and Ship if a Specific Variation is Not in Stock

    * Choose from 1/2 HP to 10 HP for 240V

    * Choose from 1/2 HP to 20 HP for 480V

    * H 16" X W 10" X D 6"

    * UL 508A Approved

    * Pump/Fan/Conveyor/Motor

    * Starter with Electronic Overload (no heaters needed)

    *  UL 489 Service Rated Circuit Breaker Disconnect

    *  UL Type Enclosure 4/12

    *  HOA Selector Switch, Reset Push Button

    *  Auto Run Input- 1 N.O. dry contact closure to energize starter

    *  Multi Tap CPT for 24V Control

    These control panels are extremely versatile, are highly modifiable, and come in a variety of configurations, combinations, and designs. The price for this basic panel does not include custom options (like pilot lights). If you need a special configuration with additional options not listed, contact us and let our team of dedicated professionals help you get the right unit to fit your needs at a custom price.

    Our simple motor combo panel is a great value. You can choose from several different horsepower configurations with a wide variety of voltage ranges, and multiple options are available. Popular configurations can be purchased through our online store, or you can call any of our locations and speak to a motor control specialist and get your solution shipped out quickly.

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    Manufacturer Bay Power
    Condition New

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    Control Panels

    About Control Panels

    Electrical control panels are the heart and soul of most automated electrical equipment, allowing the operator to control a piece of equipment. Control panels are found across all large-scale industries like manufacturing and agriculture.