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    Protect your devices with ABB.

    Your electrical systems are only as good as the enclosure that’s protecting them. Luckily ABB carries several high quality enclosures to make sure your devices work their best and are safe from potential damage. ABB enclosures can protect your panelboards, circuit breakers, switchgear and more from falling dust, dirt, rain, sleet, snow and even ice build up on the outside of the enclosure. They can also be outfitted with padlock provisions and tamper-proof features.

    Top quality protects need top quality protection.

    We are proud to carry a variety of NEMA rated enclosures from ABB for all applications. Whether you need to install your enclosure indoors or outdoors, big or small, Bay Power’s got the enclosures you need. With enclosures built of everything from stainless steel to thermoplastic, all ABB enclosures are built to withstand even the harshest environments.

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    Fill your wallet, not the landfill.

    Have any old or unused ABB Enclosures lying around? Don’t get rid of them just yet. While we stock a wide range of quality electrical products and solutions, both new and reconditioned, we also buy back your unwanted equipment. So, before deciding what to do with your old ABB Enclosures and components, have one of our expert technicians take a look to see if we can save a few parts, save the environment, and save you some cash.

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    Great service shouldn’t end after the purchase. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customer-first mentality and the quality of our ABB Enclosures and components. That’s why we offer a 1-year replacement warranty on all of our electrical products and solutions from the top manufacturers. Because when you buy with Bay Power, you buy with confidence.

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    We are proud to stock a variety of competitively priced, new and reconditioned components from the leading manufacturers of ABB Enclosures.


    Thanks to our extensive inventory of ABB Enclosures and components, our resourceful and expertly trained staff will always be able to get the products that you need. Through our extensive network of suppliers, we are able to carry and acquire a huge variety of electrical products and solutions, so chances are if you need it, we can get it.


    Bay Power’s priority is providing you with reliable, high quality electrical hardware. That’s why our mission is to make sure our reconditioned electrical products and solutions function as perfectly as the day they were built. Because while the quality is high, the cost of ABB Enclosures shouldn’t be.

    New Surplus

    Our selection of new surplus ABB Enclosures may not arrive brand new in a box, but they function just as well, and have never had electricity run through them. All of the quality, none of the packaging, always with our 1-year replacement warranty.