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    Switches & Disconnects

    Protecting your electrical system, and yourself.

    According to the NEC, safety switches are used for two main purposes: As a disconnecting means for a service entrance, and a disconnecting means for motors. These power safety switches are an essential piece of any electrical system, as they allow for safe maintenance and protect the operator from electrocution by disconnecting and halting power flow.

    Switches and electrical disconnects secure an electrical system when there is a risk of electrocution. Switches and disconnects, also referred to as machine switches, machine safety switches, safety switches, and safety disconnects, are used as a means to safely disconnect equipment from its power source (disconnect and safety switches) or transfer the flow of electricity to another source (transfer switches). Also, a disconnect switch can do the job of both a load switch as well as an isolating switch in one package, meaning it can cut the electrical supply and break currents when necessary.

    Choosing the right switch or electrical disconnect.

    Safety switches and disconnect switches are used in almost every application imaginable. They are a necessary feature across all residential, industrial and commercial applications to ensure safe usage of equipment and to deliver a steady, uninterrupted flow of power, so it always helps to know as much as you can about the safety disconnect you’re looking for. Having some of the following information on hand can go a long way:

    • Current rating
    • Operating voltage
    • Horsepower rating
    • Short-circuit interrupting capacity
    • Number of poles

    Bay Power carries a wide variety of safety disconnects, automatic and manual transfer switches, rotary switches, AC disconnects, double throw switches, solar switches, enclosed switches, open switches, and more, all in compliance with UL 98, UL 508, and UL 489 standards.

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    Your source for all your safety and disconnect switches.

    From heavy duty switches and disconnects to AC disconnects, double throw switches, AC disconnects, and everything in between, Bay Power carries everything you could possibly need. No matter how big or small the application, our extensive inventory includes products from top switch and disconnect manufacturers like ABB, Square D, Siemens, Generac, GE, Asco, and more.

    Heavy-Duty Switches

    Heavy-Duty Switches

    Heavy duty switches are rugged, single throw safety switches that are used across large commercial and industrial applications where continuous flow of power is absolutely crucial. They isolate and interrupt power when necessary, even under the harshest conditions to meet the heavy demands of industrial and commercial sectors. Heavy duty switches are available as fusible or non-fusible switches.

    General-Duty Switches

    General-Duty Switches

    When you need something for the everyday, a general duty safety switch will get the job done. Used across residential and commercial applications, general duty safety switches are commonly used for lighting circuits, air conditioning units, household or small commercial appliances, and light motor loads. They are rated anywhere from 30A to 800A, and are available as fused or non-fusible switches.

    Solar Switches

    Solar Switches

    Solar disconnects or solar switches are used for heavier duty industrial jobs in solar power-based systems. Ratings for solar disconnects can be as high as 600A, although in some cases, they can be used for smaller residential applications, with ratings between 30A-60A. They are extremely rugged safety switches and are available as either fused or non-fusible switches.

    Transfer Switches

    Transfer Switches

    A transfer switch is used to transfer an electrical load between two sources, and can be either manual or automatic. Automatic transfer switches are most often installed with backup power generators as they perform several actions at once, unlike manual transfer switches. Generator transfer switches, both manual and automatic are used throughout commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

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