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    The Basics of Automation Control

    Automation control panels are used to operate medium to heavy duty machinery and equipment across industrial and commercial applications. They utilize a series of programmable relays, timers, sensors, starters and controllers to carry out tasks both simple and complex. Automation control simultaneously provides you with more control over your equipment while also giving you a more hands-off approach, not to mention freedom, flexibility, and efficiency.

    Automation Control Panel Types

    Machine automation is a crucial facet of a variety of industries including manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and really any sector that relies heavily on steady production and productivity. There are many automation control panel varieties but because of its rugged and reliable reputation, we at Bay Power focus on PLC control panels. As one of the most popular and efficient types of automation control panels, PLC control panels are also much smaller and user-friendly than their more conventional predecessors.

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    Bay Power proudly carries a wide variety of quality, UL 508A certified automation control panel and control panel components that meet all your specifications from industry-leading manufacturers. Because whether you’re in the business of retail, mining, surveillance or another industry that relies on automation control, you need a control panel you can count on.

    PLC Smart Control Panels

    PLC smart control panels, short for programmable logic controller control panels, are an extremely efficient and reliable type of control panel. They are also referred to as PLC smart control panels or PLC automation panels. They are used in industrial and commercial sectors to operate machinery and in any situation where heavy-duty automation is required. They are highly customizable and are easily programmable from the simplest to the most complex functions.

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