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    Circuit Breakers

    Understanding circuit breakers.

    Circuit breakers are the heart of any electrical system, as they are responsible for halting the flow of electricity in case of fault or overload. They use a combination of thermomagnetic and electromagnetic trip mechanisms in order to prevent damage to your electrical system, so it’s important to get one you can count on that fits your requirements and specifications.

    Choosing the right type of circuit breaker.

    Circuit breakers come in a number of shapes and sizes - while many are available brand new, there is a wide range of obsolete circuit breakers that are no longer in production, many of which are available as reconditioned. The options may seem endless, but once you know your requirements and specifications, it is easier to make the right decision. Understanding your specific circuit breaker needs will dictate whether you'll require a vacuum-type, insulated-type, molded-case, or air circuit breaker. Our experts can help you come to the right decision, depending on its residential or industrial use, and can determine whether or not you'll need an enclosure.

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    Choose Bay Power for all your circuit breaker needs.

    Bay Power carries a wide variety of different circuit breakers, circuit breaker accessories and circuit breaker enclosures. We’re proud to offer a variety of residential, molded case, insulated case, air, vacuum, low and medium voltage circuit breakers, both new and reconditioned. Choose from our selection of products from industry-leading circuit breaker brands including Siemens, Federal Pacific, ITE, Cutler Hammer, Westinghouse, CBI, Stab Lok, Schneider, Crouse Hinds and more.

    Air Circuit Breakers

    Air Circuit Breakers

    Air circuit breakers provide overcurrent protection for 800 – 1000A circuits. They are most commonly used in low and medium voltage applications. Unlike molded case circuit breakers, these are completely open making them easily adjustable. Since they are completely open, they are also easily reconditioned. Bay Power carries a wide variety of both new and reconditioned air circuit breakers.

    Insulated Case Breakers

    Insulated Case Breakers

    Insulated case circuit breakers can do everything a molded case circuit breaker can, except they contain a 2-step stored energy mechanism. Most commonly used in low voltage circuit breaker applications, insulated case circuit breakers use special insulating material when interrupting circuits. Insulated case circuit breaker frame sizes can range anywhere from 800-5000A.

    Molded Case Circuit Breakers

    Molded Case Circuit Breakers

    Molded case circuit breakers protect against overloads, short circuits, and ground faults by using one or a combination of electromagnetic and/or thermomagnetic trip mechanisms. Molded case circuit breakers are exceptionally durable, can break larger currents, and can also be adjusted to trip for lower amounts.
    Vacuum Circuit Breakers

    Vacuum Circuit Breakers

    Thanks to their arc-extinguishing vacuum chamber, vacuum circuit breakers are some of the most reliable circuit breakers around. Using this highly effective arc-extinguishing mechanism, they require much less maintenance and last much longer than their counterparts. However, they are most effective and most commonly used for medium voltage circuit breaker applications (33 kV - 66 kV).

    Mini Circuit Breakers

    Mini Circuit Breakers

    Miniature circuit breakers (UL 489-rated), also known as DIN rail circuit breakers, are a small type of molded case circuit breaker. They are often used to break small currents as they can be reset, unlike a fuse that would need to be replaced, and are most commonly found in residential lighting circuits, industrial kitchen appliances, air conditioners, and more.

    Breaker Accessories

    From undervoltage releases to breaker handle ties, shunt trips to rating plugs, trip units and lugs, your circuit breaker accessories are just as important as the circuit breakers themselves. Choosing the right circuit breaker accessories will help protect your electrical system and your circuit breakers, as well as extend their lifespan.

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