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    Overstock, surplus electrical equipment.

    Looking for a new distributor of overstock transformers, circuit breakers, panelboards, and more? Need to sell your unused overstock? Look no further than Bay Power. Whether you’re looking to safely dispose of old electrical supply, sell-off your overstock, or are looking for a new overstock and surplus distributor, Bay Power will buy your overstock and surplus electrical equipment. Oh, and we'll buy your used supply too.

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    Manufacturers & electrical suppliers.

    As an electrical solutions distributor, supplier, wholesaler, or manufacturer, you’re only as good as your distribution network. That’s why Bay Power makes selling and distributing electrical equipment easy. We carry a wide range of product from all of the big industry names like ABB, Milbank, Hammond Manufacturing, Mennekes, Connecticut Electric, IBOCO and many more. Join our supplier network and make us one of your trusted distributors.

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    Recycle your used electrical equipment

    Has broken or used electrical equipment been lying around your warehouse (or garage) for too long? Give us a call and we'll help you recycle your unwanted electrical equipment. We'll arrange pick-up, transportation, and will even pay you for it! We always do our best to buy back and recycle any old or used electrical hardware, so you can count on Bay Power to safely recycle your equipment while putting a couple of bucks back into your pocket.

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