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    Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear - Short Lead Times

    Bay Power switchgear solutions are for applications where an extra margin of safety is essential, and deadlines don't allow for the typically long factory-direct lead times. Our solutions meet the IEEE C37.20.7 Type 2B AR standard which states that the equipment will provide arc resistance protection on the front, rear, and sides while opening designated low voltage compartments. Bay Power is an authorized distributor for ABB, GE, and Butcher Power Products, which greatly expands our capabilities when it comes to offering custom switchgear solutions with drastically shorter lead times and lower costs when compared to ordering factory direct from most OEMs. Call us for great pricing and fast fulfillment. 


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    Our claim to fame is quick turn around and dramatically shortened lead times, for those who need a switchgear solution designed and built to their specs quickly. Being an authorized dealer for ABB and Butcher Power Products gives us a powerful advantage to get you what you need quickly, and at a great price.

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    Low Voltage Switchgear

    Low Voltage Switchgear

    Low voltage switchgear, or LV switchgear, refers to switchgear systems that are rated up to 1 kV (or 1000V). LV switchgear is most commonly used across industrial and commercial sectors for motors, air conditioners, heaters, lighting networks, among others. Especially effective for withstanding short circuits for long period of time, low voltage switchgear uses a combination of breakers, fuses, transformers and other parts to protect and deliver electricity, while also allowing for safe switchgear maintenance.

    Medium Voltage Switchgear

    Medium voltage switchgear, or MV switchgear, protects electrical systems rated between 1kV and 75 kV. Common medium voltage switchgear ratings include but are not limited to 5kV, 15kV, 22kV, and 35kV. MV switchgear is used across commercial and industrial applications, commonly using air circuit breakers as their method of circuit protection. That being said, air insulated medium voltage switchgear is becoming a popular choice, especially due to its safety features and cost-effectiveness. Since it does not utilize gas insulation, it can better protect you, your electrical switchgear system, and the environment as well.

    Paralleling Switchgear

    What will you get with parallel switchgear? Productivity, protection, efficiency, and versatility. Paralleling or parallel switchgear is used when you need to control one or more generators or power sources. They are commonly used across industrial and commercial, low and medium voltage applications where emergency power is of utmost importance. Paralleling switchgear allows you to power, control, and protect a series of generators in parallel, so you can choose exactly how your power is distributed. Paralleling switchgear solutions also allow you to conduct safe maintenance without power interruption.

    Metal Clad Switchgear

    Metal clad switchgear uses arc resistant mechanisms to protect and distribute electricity in medium voltage switchgear applications across industrial and commercial sectors. Arc resistant switchgear components are specially designed to protect your electrical system from arc faults which can cause a dangerous increase in both pressure and temperature inside the switchgear. Arc resistant metal clad switchgear is especially built to not only withstand arc faults, but to safely redirect arc energy, keeping you and your switchgear system safe and saving you time and money in potential damages and subsequent repair.

    Switchgear Parts & Components

    Having a reliable, durable, and effective system depends on getting the proper switchgear parts and components. From switchgear control panels and protection relays, to switches, circuit breakers and fuses, Bay Power is proud to carry a wide variety of switchgear parts from top North American manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for something new, or you’re looking to replace an old switchgear component, we have the part that’s right for you.
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    Sell to Us

    Fill your wallet. Not the landfill.

    Have any old switchgear equipment lying around? Don’t get rid of it just yet. While we stock a wide range of quality switchgear, both new and reconditioned, we also buy back your unwanted equipment. So before deciding what to do with your old switchgear, have one of our expert technicians take a look to see if we can save a few parts, save the environment, and save you some cash.

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    Great service shouldn’t end after the purchase. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customer-first mentality and the quality of our switchgear products. That’s why we offer a 1-year replacement warranty on all of our components from all the top switchgear manufacturers. Because when you buy with Bay Power, you buy with confidence.

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    We are proud to stock a variety of competitively priced, new and reconditioned switchgear products from leading North American manufacturers including Eaton, GE, Siemens, Allis Chalmers, Westinghouse, and ABB.



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