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    GE Circuit Breakers

    Manufacturer: General Electric (GE)
    SELA36AT0030 circuit breaker by General Electric. 30 amps, [email protected] AIC Rating, SELA type, 600 volts Molded Case circuit breaker.

    Product Details

    Manufacturer General Electric
    Type SELA
    Poles 3
    Volts 600
    Amps 30

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    General Electric (GE)

    About General Electric (GE)

    Since being founded in 1892, General Electric, commonly known as GE, has become one of the powerhouses of the electrical industry, and has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. Whether it’s with their energy efficient appliances or electrical supply hardware, GE powers the world by focusing on innovation, growth, and always thinking future-first. With Thomas Edison being one of their original founders and patenting the first circuit breaker, it’s no wonder GE is one of the biggest names in the electrical hardware industry.