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    Westinghouse Overload Relays

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    Thermal and electrical relay switches from Westinghouse.

    While the original Westinghouse company has not manufactured new products since being acquired by Eaton, reconditioned Westinghouse overload relays function as good as new. As a leading relay manufacturer, Westinghouse produced relay switches across a number of NEMA sizes, both electrical and thermal relay switches, in 1-pole or 2 pole configurations, so you can count on a reconditioned Westinghouse overload relay to meet all your motor protection requirements.

    A Westinghouse overload relay for every application.

    We make replacing your Westinghouse overload relay as easy as possible. While you can always replace it with a new product from Eaton, you don’t have to give up your preferred Westinghouse relay. Choose from our selection of perfectly reconditioned Westinghouse relays for all your heater, lighting and motor systems.

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