Circuit Breaker HelpLooking for the right circuit breaker for your application? The technicians at Bay Power know breakers inside and out, and we’re standing by to help you find the right one for every job.

5 Questions We’ll Ask When You Call

When you call us, we’ll need to identify the breaker, accessories, and hardware you need. But don’t worry if you don’t have catalog numbers. There are lots of ways we can hook you up with the right breaker, starting with these five questions.

  1. What is the situation? Are you replacing a faulty breaker or adding a new breaker to an existing panel?
  2. What is the catalog number? If you’re replacing a faulty breaker and you can see the catalog number, read it to us and you’re done! Congratulations! If you can’t see the catalog number, check the other breakers in the panel.
  3. Does the breaker have any accessories? Check for accessories such as a shunt trip, auxiliary, or undervoltage release. Look for wires coming from the sides of the breaker or a sticker on the side that tells you what accessories the breaker uses.
  4. What is the panel brand and type? Adding a new breaker to an existing panel? Tell us the panel brand and type and we can tell you what type of breaker you can add.
  5. What are the specifications of the breaker you need? What are the voltage, amperage, and poles needed for the application? Do you need mounting hardware or accessories? Do you need any functions such as short-time or ground fault protection?

Still Not Sure? No Problem.

Answering the five questions isn’t always straightforward. You may not know the catalog number or you may be unsure about the breaker specifications. Don’t worry! We can figure out which breaker you need based on a picture of an existing breaker, a picture of the hardware, or measurements.

Solving breaker problems is what we do. We’re committed to helping you find the right circuit breaker for every job, every time—fast.

Call us at 866-543-1231 for the answers to all your circuit breaker questions!

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