Jeff Essex, Modesto CA BranchIf you call Bay Power’s Modesto, CA location with a panel question, there’s a good chance you’ll talk with Jeff Essex. Jeff has been with Bay Power for 13 years, and in that time he’s learned a thing or two about electrical parts and panels. However, his favorite part of the job is getting out in the field and solving complex problems for customers.

“I remember one job where a building in the Modesto school district needed to replace a part from an electrical panel that had been custom built in the 1960s,” said Jeff. “The panel’s position in the basement made it impossible to remove from the building, so I climbed under the panel, took pictures, and found the obsolete parts needed to get the school district back up and running.”

On any given day, Jeff may be found out in the field offering new perspective on a difficult panel question, in the office talking with customers over the phone, or in the UL 508A panel shop building a panel or putting together a custom quote.

Whether he’s tracking down an obsolete part with custom dimensions or putting together a routine quote for a standard panel, Jeff works hard to get every part ordered, keep all team members on the same page, and stay on schedule. 

Bay Power’s Modesto Location: Committed to Solving Your Electrical Problems

As one of eleven employees at the Modesto location, Jeff does a little bit of everything. But his primary responsibilities include interacting with customers and building custom panels in the UL 508A panel shop. This location also handles a lot of irrigation projects for farmers in the central valley of northern California. Jeff and his co-workers provide:

  • Custom quotes
  • UL 508A certified parts and panels
  • Electrical parts and panel components
  • Circuit breakers, accessories, and hardware
  • Problem-solving

Bay Power Modesto shopWhat sets the location apart, however, is the management’s commitment to making sure every customer is taken care of.

“The managers are always in the office,” said Jeff. “They want to make sure we take care of the customer, often by doing something the competition won’t do.”

Jeff recalls one request from a technical school looking for inexpensive materials to use in the classroom. Instead of angling for a sale, the store managers donated a large number of parts and pieces so the students could take them apart and work with them in the shop.

That’s typical of Bay Power’s commitment to going beyond the call of duty for every customer.

We’re proud to have employees like Jeff on our team. He and others like him are the reason so many of our customers have been with us for many years.

Got an electrical challenge? Send it our way and our experts will help you out!

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