Speed and power are the twin pillars of success in the mining and aggregate industry. When your business model depends on output, you’re losing money for every second of downtime. If a motor goes out, waiting days or weeks for a replacement part is not an option. And with Bay Power, you don’t have to.

wholesalers and distributorsWe provide motor contactors, breakers, VFD panels, soft start panels, and all the other electrical parts and panels you need to keep your crushers, conveyors, and pumps running. With our expertise and extensive inventory we can get you and your motors back up and runningin a fraction of the time it would take to order from the manufacturer and wait for the shipment to come in. 

Our specialist can meet with you on site to assess the problem and offer a solution that works. And because we guarantee an on-time delivery, you can schedule your shutdown ahead of time and be confident that it won’t take longer than planned. 

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve helped customers just like you.

Fast Installation of New VFD Package Increases Distribution Capacity 

VFD motors provide greater control of acceleration and stopping by varying both voltage and frequency. Compared with a soft start motor, a VFD package offers energy savings, more precise speed control, and greater functionality. But mining and aggregate companies need more than a rock solid solution. They also need the fastest possible turnaround time so production capacity doesn’t suffer.

Bay Power worked with a large aggregate and mining company needing to get higher distribution capacity from their MCC section. Rather than going to two different suppliers and facing a lead-time of up to 6 weeks, the customer came to Bay Power. We created a custom solution for VFD that tied into their existing MCC and updated it with a 200 amp feeder bucket to replace the old 100 amp bucket. The solution included a 508A custom control panel as well as the feeder bucket. In about two weeks, we had everything ready and onsite so they could schedule the work during their slow time. 

ABB ACS580 Drive Offers Remote Control With Bluetooth Connectivity

One of our customers had an old building with an electrical system that was slated for complete replacement in the coming years. However when their VFD went bad, they needed a solution that could provide the necessary functionality without investing too much money in a system that would be torn down in less than a year. 

Bay Power’s Mike DeBono recommended the ABB ACS580 to bridge the gap. This drive offers Bluetooth connectivity, enabling the controller to manage startup, shutdown, and speed remotely from his mobile device without ever needing to enter the building. Since there is no new PLC or interface required, the company saved thousands of dollars by not running wiring through the building, and they still had all the functionality they needed.

Bluetooth capabilities offer benefits in many other applications as well, including small manufacturing, small conveyor systems, and pump/irrigation systems. While not as powerful as a PLC system, the Bluetooth system allows users to gather information fast without having to touch the electrical parts themselves and is especially useful in smaller applications that don’t require extreme precision.

Protect Equipment With Preventative Maintenance Using the ABB Ability Smart Sensor

Today’s industrial companies are buzzing with the possibilities of machine learning applications like the ABB Ability Smart Sensor, especially for preventative maintenance. The sensor can be mounted onto any size motor and will monitor metrics like bearing condition, overall vibrations, operating time, number of starts, and operating temperature. You can monitor equipment function from a phone or tablet, and if a part starts to deteriorate, you can identify the problem and schedule a shutdown for repair before you experience a catastrophic breakdown.

Many of our customers keep a stock of these sensors as well as other commonly needed parts on hand to keep machines running at peak capacity. With the parts on site, they can usually fix the problem in just an hour or two rather than waiting days or weeks for an order to come in.

We Sell Solutions, Not Just Parts

When a customer comes to us with an electrical problem, we look beyond the immediate sale. Our goal is to develop a solution that works for your needs long-term while getting your equipment up and running as quickly as possible. Because our employees are experts in their fields, they know what parts and sizes you need for your application and can recommend the most effective solution to your electrical issue. 

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