obsolete breakerObsolete breakers are still used in plenty of applications. But what happens when that breaker goes bad?

Bay Power has you covered.

3 Steps to Replacing Your Obsolete Breaker

When a breaker goes bad, you hope replacing it is as easy as ordering a new part, right? But that’s not the case with obsolete breakers.

So how can you find a replacement when your breaker isn’t in production anymore? Follow our simple 3-step process:

  • Look for an Identical Reconditioned Breaker Even when the breaker is obsolete, you can often purchase a used one that has been reconditioned and tested. Warranties on reconditioned breakers often match those that come with new parts, so you’ll be in good shape to install immediately.
  • Purchase a Direct Replacement.  Direct replacements are manufactured to fit the same hardware as the original, so you’ll be able to install into the current panel. This is an excellent solution that can be implemented quickly because you won’t have to change out the switchgear if it is still in good condition.
  • Retrofit With a New Breaker.  This option takes more adaptation and may require longer downtime as you update the housing to fit the new breaker. You’ll need to change out the gear and install custom hardware to get your system up and running again. But when you strike out on the first two options, retrofitting is still a good bet.

Make It Easy On Yourself

Want to know the absolute easiest way to find a replacement for your worn-out obsolete breaker? Call Bay Power!

We can help you find the breaker you need and if it’s no longer available, we can retrofit it for you. Every reconditioned breaker we sell has been meticulously tested to ensure maximum performance and safety.

Give us a call at 866-629-2461 for all your circuit breaker needs!

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