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    For safe maintenance in fuse-based systems.

    As its name suggests, fused safety switches or fused disconnects are used to safely de-energize machinery and circuits in electrical systems that utilize fuses. Fused switches are used across all fuse-based systems in commercial and industrial sectors to isolate and protect circuits. That being said, they are not found in systems that rely on circuit breakers or other devices for circuit protection.

    Fused safety switches are used for medium to heavy duty applications, so they are available for applications rated as high as 800A. They are also outfitted with safety measures including padlock provisions, as well as a locking mechanism that does keep the fuse doors safely shut when the switch is in the ON position.

    From control panels, to DIN-rail, and beyond.

    Available as either enclosed or open models, fused disconnects are versatile service entrance devices that can be either mounted on DIN-rail or be used inside pump control panels, motor control panels, with combination starters and inside other custom designed control panels. Enclosed disconnect switches however are the more common choice by far. Further, since fused disconnects are only used in conjunction with fuses, common uses include refrigeration systems and air conditioning units, among others.

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    Whether you’re working in manufacturing, food processing or material handling, you need a fused disconnect you can rely on. From DIN-rail fusible switches to panel mounted fusible switches, Bay Power is your one-stop shop for all your switch needs.

    Take advantage of our extensive selection of fusible switches, and choose from ABB switches, Siemens switches, GE switches and other brands like Schneider, Cutler Hammer, Eaton, and more.

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