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    What is a step up transformer?

    These 3 phase transformers are essentially half a buck boost transformer, in that they are only responsible for boosting the voltage on the secondary side. They also have many more high voltage windings than low voltage windings, allowing for incremental increases in voltage.

    Do I need a step up transformer?

    These electrical transformers step up the supply current, so they convert low voltage, high current energy into high voltage, low current energy. They are commonly used in heavy commercial and industrial applications, and are well-equipped to handle large loads of power. However, even small appliances like microwaves use step up transformers on a smaller scale.

    When choosing your step up transformer, it is important to consider the coil material, as the material the coils are made of will affect the conductivity and efficiency of the transformer. For example, copper and aluminum will both do the job, but copper will be much more efficient even if it’s more expensive.

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