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    Meet the needs of your 3 phase motor.

    Working with a 3 phase motor? Chances are you need a 3 phase motor soft starter. Soft starters are used for AC induction motors of all types. When you start up a motor, it experiences a lot of stress from that initial surge of getting started. This high level of current can potentially damage and wear down your motor in the long run. Enter the 3 phase soft starter, which temporarily reduces this current surge by instead gradually increasing the current on startup. This can decrease the wear and tear on your motor, reduce maintenance and replacement costs all while increasing its lifespan. They also use far less energy while allowing you to start up the motor more often.

    3 phase soft starters are anything but soft.

    Used in 3 phase motor applications, it goes without saying that 3 phase soft starters are tough. 3 phase soft starters are used across the chemical, wastewater, mining, and forest industries for applications ranging from centrifugal pumps to rock crushers and pulverizers. Available as either an IEC starter or a NEMA starter, 3 phase soft starters are built not only to protect and start up your motor, but to withstand and thrive in 3 phase motor applications.

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    Your next 3 phase soft starter is just a few clicks away. We proudly stock an impressive variety of 3 phase soft starters from leading manufacturers, and we’re so confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for that all of our soft starters come with a one-year replacement warranty. Choose from ABB soft starters, Siemens soft starters, Square D soft starters and other top brands like Eaton, General Electric, and more. Extensive selection. Speedy shipping. Expert service. Only at Bay Power.

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