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    Bus Box, Tap & Terminal Boxes

    What do tap boxes do?

    A terminal box, or a tap box, is an enclosed, non-fusible bus plug used to feed bus duct systems. Tap boxes are also split up into two categories: plug-in tap boxes and end tap boxes. Plug-in tap boxes connect the busway to a bus plug. End tap boxes are attached to one or both ends of a plug-in duct run. Used across industrial and commercial applications and wherever bus duct systems are found, busway tap boxes typically carry a system of voltage of 600V with a number of current ratings ranging anywhere from 400A to 1600A.

    What to look for in a busway tap box.

    Bus duct tap boxes come in a variety of types, sizes and ratings. For example, bus duct tap boxes can be rated for both indoor and outdoor use as long as they are properly and safely enclosed. They can also be outfitted with metering provisions. It’s also important to differentiate between end tap boxes and center tap boxes. Center tap boxes are non-fusible devices that are used when circuit protection is not required; however, they are not located at the ends of the busway run. These feed the circuits from the center of the busway. End tap boxes are located at either the beginning or the end of a busway run.

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    No matter what your application, requirements or specifications, Bay Power has got the tap box for you. Available across a number of voltage and current ratings, our extensive selection of tap boxes includes industry-leading bus duct tap box manufacturers like Square D, ABB, Siemens, Starline, Eaton and more. All of our tap boxes come with Bay Power’s one-year replacement warranty and lightning fast shipping, so you can count on us to deliver on quality product when and where you need it most.

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