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    Built especially for commercial applications, these switchboards are commonly found in shopping malls, multi-tenant retail centers, multi-tenant residential buildings, office buildings, and more. Commercial switchboard designs take installation time and space particularly seriously. In these commercial sectors, there is not a lot of time or space to waste so a high quality commercial switchboard will typically consolidate wiring, circuit breakers, fuses, and even metering devices wherever possible to optimize space, production, and efficiency.

    It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

    Commercial switchboard construction includes a selection of fuses, circuit breakers and other devices to protect both the operator and the circuits. Commercial switchboards also utilize either aluminum or copper busbar, which can carry up to 4000A currents, to distribute power to its appropriate sources. It’s also crucial that the amount of electricity going into the switchboard must always be equal to the power leaving the switchboard and being delivered to its intended sources.

    Commercial switchboards are versatile enough that they can be floor or wall-mounted depending on the space available. Modular and cubicle switchboards can be used in commercial applications as well. These units are also found in both low voltage and medium voltage applications across a variety of ratings.

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