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    Industrial Transformers

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    Industrial Transformers

    The essentials of industrial transformers.

    Industrial applications can be especially demanding. They require a lot from their electrical equipment and even more from their transformers. That’s why industrial transformers are always specially designed and properly equipped to handle the stresses and loads that present themselves in low, medium and heavy-duty industrial applications.

    Industrial transformers come in both single phase and three phase varieties, dry type and oil or liquid filled, low and medium voltage, and more. Choosing the proper unit can help increase productivity, lower costs, and extend the life of your electrical equipment.

    Whatever your use, there’s an industrial transformer for you.

    Whether you need a general purpose transformer or something more specialized, the variety of industrial transformers is nearly endless. Used across everything from motor control, HVAC and ventilation systems, manufacturing, industrial lighting systems and more, industrial transformers are there to protect and isolate your electrical equipment.

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    Lead your industry with the right industrial transformer.

    Choosing the right industrial transformer can make all the difference in your business, whatever it may be. Discover Bay Power’s wide selection of industrial transformers including buck boost transformers, dry type and oil or liquid filled transformers, and more. We carry a variety of voltage combinations and windings, and only carry the best in the business from top transformer manufacturers including Eaton, Federal Pacific, Cooper, GE, Hammond, and more.

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