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    Square D Breakers - New, Used, and Obsolete

    Long Live the Square D Breaker

    We live constantly connected lifestyles that make it impossible to imagine what life was like without electricity. Electricity was one of the ground-breaking inventions of the Second Industrial Revolution. As demand increased and the need for safety rose, came the need for circuit breakers.

    One company to answer the call was Square D’s parent company, Schneider Electric. Founded in 1836, they initially created electrical products for engineers. In 1920, the old style Square D breakers and safety switches made their debut. They were not the only breakers on the market at the time, but over 100 years later, they continue to be some of the most advanced industrial, commercial, and residential circuit breakers on the market today.

    Today, Square D is one of the most popular circuit breaker manufacturers in the world. Square D has several circuit breaker product lines to meet the demands of any project. 

    Below are some of the more common options in their lineup.



    Just as the name suggests these breakers are designed primarily for residential use. This includes houses and condos or apartments with in-unit breakers. As plug-on units, they are designed for rapid installation with minimal wiring required. They are a cost-effective option perfect for homes, remodeling and extensions that require 200A or less. Shop Square D HOM breakers here


    The PowerPact line a versatile range of compact thermal-magnetic breakers that come with auxiliaries, lug options, and an assortment of accessories. Where these breakers really stand out is the compact size and the Micrologic trip units available in certain frame options. They are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-pole unit mounting making them ideal for commercial and industrial use. 

    QO And QOB Lines

    Mini but mighty, these quick open plug-on and quick open bolt-on breakers can be used for a wide range of electrical needs. Their applications range from most residential areas to lighting, industrial kitchens, and many commercial applications. 

    The QO and QOB breakers have been produced since 1955; over the years, they’ve been engineered to provide better reliability, quality, and more efficient installation. 

    Amps on these molded case mini breakers cannot be adjusted and max out at 125A. 

    You may not be able to use them in large projects, but they may work as individual breakers in targeted areas. 

    Shop for QO breakers and QOB breakers in our catalog.


    Obsolete Legacy Lines

    Square D has many obsolete breaker lines that are still regularly refurbished and sold on the open market. We carry a huge inventory of reconditioned obsolete breakers at all of our locations. This includes EH, EHB, FA, KA, QB, LA, MA, NA, DG, DJ, DL, LC, LE, LI, LX, LXI and many other types. 

    Obsolete And Refurbished Breakers

    Yes, we stock obsolete and refurbished Square D circuit breakers. This ensures that if you want to replace an obsolete breaker that you have options. Our refurbished inventory is broken down, cleaned, parts are replaced, and it is re-assembled. Then we test it to ensure it meets its original specs. We sell obsolete and refurbished to you at a discounted rate with our standard warranty. This provides you with a cost-effective alternative without compromising quality or function, and with the Square D name you know and trust. 

    If you need a Square D circuit breaker, Bay Power has you covered! We provide everything you need to complete your electrical projects. From distribution to motors, lighting, control panels and more. 


    Square D’s Homeline vs. QO Breakers

    Homeline & QO are both very popular lines of breakers from Square D. Consumers often compare them against each other. Here are some of their different factors: 

    Form factor

    The QO breakers come in single-pole, double-pole, and 3-pole breaker options, all ¾-inch in size. On the other hand, Homeline is only available in single-pole spacing. 


    The QO is compatible with most electrical panels and also capable of handling higher loads, including commercial. This makes them useful for both homes and businesses. 

    Trip Detection

    The QO breakers have visual indicators to show which breaker has been tripped, making it the easier type. The Homeline version could take some time and troubleshooting to determine which breaker has tripped. 


    QO breakers are more expensive, ranging from $9 to $10 on average. The Homeline averages about $4 to $5, but remember you don’t get all the extra features and conveniences of the QO line.

    The Top Benefits of Square D Breakers

    Square D breakers are still very popular. They are high quality, versatile, and have outstanding reliability. They last in electrical panels for decades, further solidifying Square D’s (and Schneider’s) reputation. 


    Square D is an industry giant. Plus, Schneider Electric, a multi-billion dollar company, owns them. Both are well-known for their quality, reliability, and fantastic customer service. 

    While reputation isn’t everything, having a bad one does a ton of harm. In Square D’s case, their reputation is superb. 


    Square D breakers are some of the most reliable devices on the market. They last for many decades without any issues. 

    Range of Items

    No matter what size, amperage, etc., of breaker you need, Square D almost certainly has a solution for you. They have a wide range of circuit breakers for any type of project. 


    Square D breakers are arguably the most available brand of circuit breakers on the market. They have thousands of stocking distributors around the country, and they are available online from many retailers. 


    Square D circuit breakers have simple, easy, and repetitive functionality across their various models. Throughout their years of manufacturing and design, the functionality has been perfected. 


    How to Change a Square D Breaker?

    Changing a Square D breaker is not tricky. However, always make sure you turn the power completely off before doing any type of electrical work. 

    Similar to replacing other breakers, the steps to replace Square D breakers are as follow: 

    • Turn off every circuit breaker
    • Loosen the terminal screws and remove them
    • Unscrew the panel cover and remove it
    • Physically remove the old Square D breaker
    • Replace the breaker with a new Square D circuit breaker

    When you work on your electrical panel, always follow proper safety practices. 



    Here are a few of the most common questions about Square D circuit breakers. 

    How do I know which Square D breaker I need?

    The easiest way to figure out which Square D breaker you need is to match your existing, old breaker. Match the physical size, amperage, etc. 

    Are all Square D breakers interchangeable?

    No, not all Square D breakers are interchangeable. They have many different form factors to accommodate various electrical needs. 

    Are Square D breakers rated for two wires?

    Yes, newer Square D breakers are rated for two conductors (one on each side). 

    What are the different types of Square D breakers?

    Square D breakers include two main types: 

    • QO 
    • QOB

    They both come in a variety of styles: 

    • AFI– Arc Fault Breakers
    • DF– Dual Function Breakers
    • GFI– Ground Fault Breakers
    • CAFI– Combo Arc Fault Breakers
    • EPD– Circuit Breakers
    • PL– POWERLINK Breakers
    • QOM– Main Circuit Breakers
    • QOT– Tandem Breakers
    • QH– Circuit Breakers
    • HID– Lighting Circuit Breakers
    • HM– High Magnetic Circuit Breakers
    • SWN– Circuit Breakers
    • XD– Branch Circuit Breakers

    Wrapping Up

    Square D circuit breakers are one of the industry's most well-known and trusted brands. If you require circuit breakers for a new project or need replacements for a retrofit, check on the available circuit breakers at Bay Power today