New, used, & obsolete electrical solutions
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    Engineering, Procurement and Construction

    Proper planning is vital to the success of large construction projects in terms of timeline, budget, and resources. But when it comes to complex electrical systems, especially if you’re working with obsolete components, planning can be tricky if there’s no knowledge base.

    This is where Bay Power adds value to engineering and procurement—not only will we ship you the parts you need fast, we can offer knowledge and expertise from almost 30 years in the industry that you can’t find elsewhere. Please feel free to use us as a resource for any technical questions you may have.

    Temporary Power Distribution

    Construction sites can get rough. Getting reliable power distribution shouldn’t be. A temporary power skid is perfect when you need to power several pieces of equipment like power tools, lighting equipment, trailers, and more. Built tough for indoor or outdoor use, temporary power skids use transformers for voltage conversion and are available across a variety of voltage and ampere ratings to meet all your specifications.