New, used, & obsolete electrical solutions
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    Hospital, University and Office Towers

    Electrical systems for consumer business providers are in a unique situation because when they go down it can costs thousands of dollars for every hour of downtime. Replacement parts need to arrive with speed and accuracy to ensure the job gets done as quickly as possible.

    Bay Power has a solid history of speedy delivery to commercial businesses, hospitals and universities—sometimes even flying parts out in under 24 hours.

    Commercial Switchboards

    Designed especially for commercial and business applications, commercial switchboards are typically found in restaurants, shopping malls and any situation where electricity needs to be distributed to different panelboards or sections in a single establishment.

    Control Panels

    Electrical control panels are the heart and soul of most automated electrical equipment, allowing the operator to control a piece of equipment. Control panels are found across all large-scale industries like manufacturing and agriculture.