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    A maintained push button switch for every application.

    A latching push button switch, or a self locking push button switch, is a button that stays actuated and keeps the circuit closed even after you press it or pressure is removed from the button. It is a type of maintained push button switch. Available as either a normally closed push button switch or a normally closed push button switch, latching push button switches provide you with that extra layer of security when you need your push button to remain in the closed or open position.

    Types of latching push button switches.

    Latching push button switches are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Latching off on push button switches are some of the most popular and are used anywhere machinery control is required. Miniature latching push button switches are also used across aerospace, transportation, construction and communication industries. Illuminated latching push button switches are also available across all standard sizes.

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    Your brand new, or perfectly reconditioned self locking push button switch is waiting for you at Bay Power. No matter what your application, we have an extensive variety of latching push button switches to meet all your requirements. Take your pick from top quality products from leading manufacturers including Allen Bradley push button switches, Square D push button switches and many more. Between our expert service, huge selection, quick shipping and our one-year replacement warranty on all our push buttons, Bay Power is your one stop shop for all your latching push button switches.

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