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    What Is A Ground Fault? The Definition And How To Address

    Ground Fault Circuit Breakers

    The consequences of a ground fault can be devastating. However, there are things we can do to prepare and stay safe against them. What is a ground fault, and why does it happen? A ground fault occurs when electricity takes an unplanned path to ground. The current drastically increases and causes the breaker to trip. A ground fault can be caused by damaged appliances, incorrect wiring, or worn wire insulation. What are some steps that we can take to prevent and stay safe from a ground fault? Continue reading to find the answers to this and more!

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    Circuit Breakers: What Are They And How Do They Work?

    How Do Circuit Breakers Work?

    A circuit breaker is a vital part of any electrical system. Circuit breakers protect homes from various electrical hazards (such as fault or overload) and interrupt the power whenever the electrical current becomes unsafe. Remember that time everything shut off when we had many power tools plugged in, along with the radio, work lights, and chargers? Bingo! We may work with them regularly, but many of us do not understand how circuit breakers work. Have you ever wondered how circuit breakers do all of this? Continue reading this article to unveil the answer!

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    Can A Circuit Breaker Fail Without Tripping?

    Is the circuit breaker bad?

    Imagine you're relaxing in your home on a warm summer day, enjoying the game on your new ultra-HD television. Almost perfectly synchronized with a major play of the game, the power to your lights, television, and air conditioning get shut off. Electricity still works in other areas of your home, so you quickly run to your breaker box to flip on the power. To your dismay, the circuit breaker hasn't even tripped. As you begin to sweat in your frustration, you begin to wonder what is wrong with your circuit breaker.

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    How To Intentionally Trip A Circuit Breaker

    Trip a Breaker on Purpose

    Electrical panels house the circuit breakers that supply power to the different areas of our homes or any structure. Circuit breakers protect from fire or shock and interrupt the power supply when something goes wrong. When this happens unexpectedly, it can be frustrating! However, have you needed to work on a circuit and wondered how to trip a circuit breaker on purpose? Read through this guide to learn exactly how a circuit breaker works and how to trip it intentionally! Perhaps your relationship with circuit breakers won’t be quite so bitter when you are finished.

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    Zinsco Breakers Over the Years

    Zinsco Breakers New and Used

    Zinsco was one of the early names in the circuit breaker industry. The demand for old, refurbished, and old but never used Zinsco products and parts was evident immediately following the death of the brand. Read about the history of the brand and the Zinsco replacement options available on the market today. 

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    Four Common Types of Circuit Breakers And Where To Use Them

    Four Common Types of Circuit Breakers And Where To Use Them

    Are you researching circuit breakers for your next project or trying to replace an old, worn-out breaker? To choose the right one, you’ll need to know the requirements of your application and the specifics of the breaker itself (such as trip mechanisms, mounting hardware, voltage, and amperage). In this post, we’ll give you a helicopter view of four different types of circuit breakers and their applications. 

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