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    Class H fuses for high class protection.

    Class H fuses are a non-current limiting fuse with current ratings up to 600A, and with voltage ratings of either 250V or 600V. As a non-current limiting fuse, Class H fuses only trip after about one and a half cycles, as opposed to current limiting fuses that trip much quicker (about a half cycle). They are commonly used for light duty and general purpose applications.

    Renewable or nonrenewable: The choice is yours.

    One of the differentiating factors of Class H fuses is that they can be a one-time fuse or a renewable fuse. A one-time fuse cannot be reset or restored after the element has melted or the mechanism has tripped. The entire fuse must be replaced. A renewable fuse, however, can be restored after operation. Renewable Class H tend to be desirable in commercial and industrial applications that are prone to short circuits and overloads, and are much more cost effective as they do not need to be replaced as frequently.

    It is important to remember however that renewable Class H fuses do require regular maintenance to make sure that the fuse components and element are free of corrosion and damage. While these fuses are renewable, they are more likely to experience damage and are considered more of a fire hazard than their non-renewable counterparts.

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