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    When you need a high performance fuse, it’s time for a Class J fuse. They are 600V fuses and are available with current ratings that range between 1A and 600A. Class J fuses are used throughout industrial and commercial applications, especially when the demands placed on the circuits is high. One of the advantages of a Class J is its size. Compared to a Class R fuse, another high performance fuse, it takes up far less space.

    Common applications for Class J fuses include motor circuits, transformer circuits, general purpose circuits, and lighting circuits. They are also used to protect motor starters, contactors, and circuit breakers with lower interruption ratings.

    For high performance applications.

    A Class J fuse has exceptionally high current limiting capabilities, meaning it introduces an additional level of current resistance during an overload, effectively reducing the duration and damage of the overload. These high performance fuses can be either time delay or fast-acting fuses, depending on your system requirements and preferences. Time delay fuses have a more flexible threshold, in that their action depends on the time it takes for the heat from the overload to melt the element, while fast-acting fuses react to overloads much quicker.

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