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    Meet the Class RK5 fuses: Class RK1’s little brother.

    Like the Class RK1 fuse, Class RK5 fuses are rejection fuses. They are outfitted with special rejection tips which allows them only to be installed with Class R fuse holders, and prevents improper configurations with other fuse holders and fuse classes. Class RK5 fuses are closely related to Class RK1 fuses; however, the Class RK5 fuses are less expensive than Class RK1. Further, while Class RK5 fuses are current limiting, they are still less current limiting than Class RK1 fuses.

    What you need to know about Class RK5 fuses.

    Class RK5 fuses are non-renewable dual element fuses, meaning that once the element inside has melted, it must be completely replaced. They are available in both 250V and 600V voltage ratings, with current ratings ranging from 1A to 600A. Rated to interrupt at least 200,000A, Class RK5 fuses are used to protect circuits across a number of applications, including AC power distribution mains, power panelboards, combination starters, motor control centers, branch circuits, and more. They are especially popular for motors and transformers.

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